An Extension of your Enrollment Team

Think of us as an extension of your enrollment center at your company, we can handle as little or as much of your current volume to allow your core employees to focus on the close.

About Us

The founders of the have unique and complementary backgrounds and experience in higher for-profit education, technology/web development, and marketing/advertising.

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Our Story

We have been involved with the generation of warm transfer leads for many years, using 3rd-party services to facilitate the contacting of the prospective students and warm transferring them to our client colleges. There were several problems that we were never able to overcome:

  • The call center reps were too eager to transfer prospective students without fully validating and qualifying them. This led to returns and a perceived value problem.
  • The call center reps worked on many different campaigns and did not have deep client/program familiarity. It was often a new call center rep connecting to our client colleges each week. There was never a rapport created between the parties.
  • The transfer process was cumbersome, and the data wasn’t transferred in real-time.

So, we decided to invest in our own platform and do it the way that we had always envisioned, welcome to the, it’s not just a call center.

Our Service Models

The has four core models that can be implemented in any combination depending on client's requirements, all with the same common goal of contacting, validating and qualifying leads and transferring them live to the in-house enrollments reps for completing the enrollment cycle.

Lead Generation

We generate leads through our own traffic sources, processing them through the, and charging per qualified warm transferred lead.

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Client Live Leads

We work the client's leads in real time, processing them through the and warm transfering everything which is contacted, validated and qualified.

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Client Aged Leads

We take bulk imports of aged lead data, processing them through the on a modified schedule, and charging per warm transferred lead.

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Live Chat Management

We manage your live chat on your website, engaging with prospective students, processing them through the, and delivering lead data and/or warm transfers.

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The is a Cloud-Based software that facilitates and tracks bidirectional communication between qualified enrollment reps and prospective students via Phone, Email, SMS and Chat.


  • Customizable Scripts & Validation
  • Inbound and Outbound Dialing
  • Local Number Caller ID
  • Call Recording
  • Inbound and Outbound Email
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS
  • Call Scheduling
  • Warm Transfers
  • US Based Phone Reps
  • No Robo-Dialing
  • Lead Data into CRM via API
  • Lead Ratings System
  • Real-Time Actionable Feedback
  • Rating Lead Quality
  • Rating Lead Transfer Process

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