About Us

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About Us

The founders of the contacting.io have unique and complementary backgrounds and experience in higher for-profit education, technology/web development, and marketing/advertising.

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Our Story

We have been involved with the generation of warm transfer leads for many years, using 3rd-party services to facilitate the contacting of the prospective students and warm transferring them to our client colleges. There were several problems that we were never able to overcome:

  • The call center reps were too eager to transfer prospective students without fully validating and qualifying them. This led to returns and a perceived value problem.
  • The call center reps worked on many different campaigns and did not have deep client/program familiarity. It was often a new call center rep connecting to our client colleges each week. There was never a rapport created between the parties.
  • The transfer process was cumbersome, and the data wasn’t transferred in real-time.

So, we decided to invest in our own platform and do it the way that we had always envisioned, welcome to the contacting.io, it’s not just a call center.

  • AAI
  • ATI
  • Asher College
  • High Desert Medical College
  • IBT
  • Lamson Institute
  • PLATT College
  • STVT
  • NAU
  • Hussian College